Dynasty Warp Pro MID Complete


  • We are proud to introduce our expanded Pro line of Warp pockets that caters to each person’s unique style of play!
  • The Dynasty Warp Pro MID features a Mid-channel Warp pocket with a larger channel designed with plated runners for maneuvering and controlling the ball on both ends of the field.
  • The MID pocket was designed for the advanced player with a textured knit for enhanced feel & hold, a high shooting string and engineered tension zones optimal for controlling the ball and directing draw controls!
  • Warp pocket technology for consistent performance that is game-ready off the shelf.
  • Premium material blend pocket performs in all weather conditions.
  • LOC-THROAT head insert tailored specifically for the women’s game providing the ultimate fit between the head and handle.
  • MINIMUS CARBON: A high strength, lightweight carbon composite weave that lends to super lightweight performance.
  • Shape- Octagonal, Size- Mid-diameter
  • Meets US Lacrosse, NFHS & World Lacrosse specifications
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