Customer Service


Where do I find equipment?

You may have noticed that does not carry Warrior equipment for sale on the site. To purchase equipment, go to our Find a Store page to locate your nearest Warrior retailer. Call ahead to make sure they have the equipment you need.

What size shoes should I buy?

Look, we're not wearing our psychic hats today, so if you don't know your own shoe size, get thee to a shoe store and have yourself measured.

Where can I find information on blade patterns?

Blade pattern information, when available, is located on the product detail page. It's in a tab titled "Patterns" under the photo of the product, next to Details and Technology.

Do you offer exchanges?

If you would like a replacement for footwear, apparel or accessories that you ordered from this site, we recommend you place a new order with the new size/color you need. Our inventory changes daily and this is the best way to guarantee that the items you need will be available. You can also contact our Customer Care department to assist you.

My equipment broke. What should I do? Can I send it back to you?

Many of our products are under warranty. Review our warranty policies to see if your Warrior product is eligible for replacement.

I want to be a Warrior Dealer.

Please indicate the following information to the best of your ability, and fax it to (586) 978-7744 Attn: "Prospective Warrior Dealer". You can also email us.

  • Store Name
  • Contact Name
  • Street Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • E-Mail
  • Do you currently offer lacrosse equipment? If yes, which brand(s)?
  • Do you carry other athletic equipment or apparel?
  • Do you have a store front?

Your information will be kept confidential and evaluated as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting Warrior and good luck this season.

You should make a new product or change an existing one.

Information from players like you is the basis of our product development and the key to constantly pushing the limits of design and performance. Please email your ideas or fax them to (586) 978-7744 (attn: New Product Idea).

Your opinion is how we know what needs improvement, what we are missing, and what will lead you to be the next game-breaker. Because corner ripping, ankle-breaking, bone-crushing hits, ridiculous takeaways, ground ball vacuums, and walls in the cage is what we're all about. Your ideas will be closely considered and we will contact you if more information is needed.

Send me something for free!

While we wish that every request like yours could be rewarded with an Evolution 3 or Cobra, a Kryptolyte, Mac Daddy 4, etc., it would be unfair to the competition if everybody could have the Warrior advantage for free! There wouldn't be any corner ripping, ankle-breaking, bone-crushing hits, ridiculous takeaways, ground ball vacuums, and walls in the cage because the competition would become too fierce! So to make sure you stay ahead of the game, get to the nearest Warrior dealer and score yourself the Warrior advantage.

How do I know what size to buy?

Your best bet is to visit a local retailer and try on the specific product to determine what fits you best. There are too many variations in players to say exactly what should fit. A serviceable breakdown is: Large for high school, Medium for middle school, Small for elementary school, and Extra Small for somebody really tiny.

Soft Mesh

  • Pro: No time necessary for breaking in. Very good feel and hold. Easily adjustable even after breaking in.
  • Con: Can "bag out." Slower release and shot speed. Doesn't stand up well to weather.
  • Typical Age: beginners, youth players

Six Diamond Mesh

  • Pro: Feel and hold comparable to traditional. Quick release. Stands up to weather very well.
  • Con: Takes time to break in. Doesn't throw as consistently as soft or hard mesh.
  • Typical Age: Middle school (intermediate) and above.

Do you sell directly to customers or do I need to go to a store?

Warrior sells footwear and apparel direct to consumers on this website. Our equipment can be found at retailers all over the country and the world. Use our Find a Store tool to find a dealer near you.

Why is aluminum not under warranty?

We understand your plight, this happens to lacrosse players and parents everywhere, and we hope the following information will help and give you some insight into why our warranty does not cover Aluminum 2000 handles.

Aluminum is sold as the standard handle on complete sticks by all lacrosse manufacturers for two reasons:

(1) it is the most inexpensive metal alloy to make handles out of, keeping the price of a complete stick more reasonable; and (2) complete sticks are usually purchased by players that are young or play at a relatively low-impact skill level. Aluminum handles are NOT meant to stand up to the wear and tear of lacrosse from early-high school on (this is an approximation and varies from player to player).

Across the board, all lacrosse manufacturers' aluminum handles are extremely susceptible to breakage and denting (ESPECIALLY defensive shafts) because they are intended more for training purposes or beginners than high-impact play.

For these reasons, Warrior Lacrosse manufactures an entire line of stronger Alloy and Titanium handles ... to offer each player a shaft that will stand up to his/her game. FYI: The greater the demand of a handle, the higher performance it must produce, the more expensive the materials are, and the pricier the shaft will be...hence a 6-month Warranty.

Do you make equipment in extra large?

While we understand a need for XL protection, the fact is the great majority of lacrosse players are in high school and below and don't require XL equipment sizing. While we'd love to provide for each individual equipment request, it just isn't reasonable to produce the (relatively) negligible additional XL quantities.

My product is back ordered. When will I get it?

Due to the high demand of several Warrior products, we cannot maintain stock of certain items. Our commitment to you is that we'll do our best keeping the shelves stocked and work overtime to ship backordered items as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and support of Warrior. Please call Customer Service if you have additional questions and good luck this season.